The majestic resort, grand in scale, standing serene and snow covered was the perfect backdrop for the latest tabescape we dreamt up. The purest whites, smokey greys juxtaposed with vintage silvers and haute designed plate chargers to evoke a sense of intimacy and overflowing elegance.

Having nature do most of the talking, we could not help but adorn the bold rustic wooden surfaces with the slightly mysterious and eternally delicate sculpted forms of the orchids. Adding visual warmth, brightly lit vintage lanterns defined the area creating a welcoming ambience. The decor was topped with the thick white furs draped over seating and our favourite detail: the feathery plumage and its gentle movement over this alluring set up.

Tribute must be paid to Vassilis Kouroupis that captured the ambience with his high aesthetic skills and Nikos Fragoulis that filmed the wonderful process through his super talented lens.

Surely Greece has plenty wedding destinations and besides the endless strips of sand and water offers, as well, that breathtaking blanket of snow for a unique wedding celebration.
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