Bohemian bridal has long been a mainstay in the market–but it's not all about flower crowns and fringe. This time the free spirited bride is expressed throughout a palette bleached of colour incorporating celestial inspired surfaces!

Monochromatic tones are the traditional choice enhancing with detail and textures over any additional colours. Cut crystal glassware, mirrored vessels and surfaces are all key features to achieving a luxe lineal finish.For a mood of decadence opt to add otherworldly textures on the tables! Semi precious stones in stormy palettes are our favourite!

The repetition of lineal lines are best styled in an airy location saturated with abundance of natural light! The addition of vast metallic chandeliers will help to play with the heights to create depth and drama!

We are in love with ocean side halls with views as far as the eye can see to feature such an understated palette with glamorous and bold elements!