Tablescapes that do away with everything but what is beautiful and necessary. This wave of styling allows the elements of colour and texture to create all the storytelling you need whilst infinitely chic is ever present.

For the wedding food mood think continuity of surroundings and balance as a drive to give poetry to the food and its rituals. Achieve serene tranquility through a minimalists wedding palette of moody charcoals, smokey greys, luxe marble cut offs, rustic wooden surfaces and gently worn patinas to celebrate bold flavours.

Then play with contradictions to evoke intrigue and curiosity: creamy rounds of cheese, melt in your mouth prosciutto, oozing sticky honeycomb while servings of the sea gems are forever welcome. Artful plating plays on all elements of design and we make the best of it to trigger memories and make your wedding guests feel well looked after.
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