Drawing together global influences, an eclectic collage of nomadic references and moroccan elements, we are inspired by this sensory feast of the bohemian, free spirited bride. Intricate mismatched rugs in rich contrasting hues, arched doorways and huge pillows that replace the standard table seating make a fierce statement of a tribal yet cosmopolitan feel. In the palette of neutrals we are mesmerised by the dreamy patterns the moroccan lights cast in the ambience and the ethereality the pampas grass foliages unleash. Precious stones that recall archetypal classics with designs that are imbued with meaning and refined by simplicity and a wedding gown daringly beautiful! For the drapery, we love light white fabrics which height make a powerful effect and channel a regal and sensual essence to the celebration.
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Valentino SS 2017 Ready-to-wear
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