When it comes to planning your destination wedding in Greece, continuity of surroundings and context of place can be the key to a magnificent wedding celebration. Looking to the mood and emotional connection forged by the characteristic palette of the sapphire blue, olive green and soft stone grey of the greek islands we are mesmerised by elements evocative of an oceanic prism, the play of the light and the sea floor. Billowing fabrics gently dancing in the breeze add a liquid like movement and a sensual ethereality.

Tablescapes that do away with anything that is necessary and beautiful, enchanting in their simplicity. Luxurious napkins, haute dinnerware and fine cutlery add another dimension elevating the mood to effortless elegance while hanging olive branches foster tranquility and heighten sensuality. String lighting will create an intimate ambience and spirited atmosphere.

Nobody met hospitality like this and never saw symbols of eternity and prosperity so boldly represented in one setting.