Inspired by the natural wonder of spring we are lost in a world of completely transformative floral styling. Dreamlike wedding backdrops that bring in mind some of the most iconic fashion runway floral installation.

Think not towards traditional arrangements but more about instinctual styling - floral that enchant and intrigue creating a mood of wonder and magic. Magnificent as both wedding ceremony settings and and an unexpected direction for reception these gardens like installations inspire stardust with their surreal forms. Then we think, why not dine beneath a majestic canopy and avoid all kind of vases and vessels in sight. Flower synthesis romantic and surreal, mixing whimsy and wedding floral fantasy with a dose of unexpectedly wild.

Cannot help but fall in love with flowers in full bloom clustered into wedding canopies and crafted into giant cascading forms.
Weeping White Winter Inspiration
Pure White Wedding Aisle
Dramatic Natural Deep Purple Aisle
Floral Mandalas Aisle
Arch Path Dressed with White Blooms
Minimal Aisle
Seaside New Bohemian Style Aisle
Oceanic Inspiration with Airy Fabrics
Ceiling-to-Floor Floral Ceremony Installations
Full in Blooms Altar
Forest Enchanted Inspiration
Minimal Colorful Inspiration
Marsala Bohemian Teepee Style Ceremony Arch
Floral over-arching aesthetic
Alternative Nomadic Boho Ceremony Arch
Modern Architectural Ceremony Arch
White & Green Wedding Canopy
Epic “Dressed” Canopy
Ethereal Ceremony Inspiration
Full in Blooms
Tropical Leaves Canopy