Royalty, opulence and French parisian chic. These are just a few of the feelings evoked when glancing at crowns, bridal headpieces and veils personally hand crafted and adornedonly with the most luxurious materials.

Gold and silver plated pieces and precious stones are wired and soldered by hand so that each piece holds its fairness through long periods of time. The designs are perfect for the independent, culture-seeking woman who has a strong sense of personal style and carries her own enduring and alluring edge into her wedding day.

There is a strong statement and optimum brilliance achieved when the bride dares to enter a headpiece heaven. A kaleidoscope of beauty radiating light and exclusivity, a symbiotic matching of bold design and absolute preciousness.

Transcending traditional assumptions wedding veils embody romance, and emotion as modern and traditional details unite,or you can skip the veil in favor of a statement piece like a large flower or vintage feathers. In any case, dare to wear!
Tiara - The Alternative Crown